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Bitcoin Cash Node - BCH upgrade specifications

Current state

This repository reflects the BCH upgrade specifications as implemented (or planned to be implemented) by Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN).

Current differences to the repository include:

  • removal of inaccurate element: Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP)

The specification in this repository is not considered "prescriptive" for anyone besides the BCHN project.

It is considered descriptive and matches the upgrades planned by BCHN, and authoritative only for our project until such time as a good place can be agreed by the majority of BCH client projects for a common home to such "delta" upgrade specifications.

The upgrade specifications are to be considered in the context of the overall Bitcoin Cash specification that is being developed (see e.g.

For implementation status in Bitcoin Cash Node, see


It is hoped that a shared, collaboratively managed repository for Bitcoin Cash protocol specification, including changes proposed for the regular upgrades, can be established soon.

The need for this repository might fall away once that is achieved - the Bitcoin Cash Node could just refer to such a common repository in future.


The documents in this repository are released under various open licenses. Please refer to the license information at the bottom of each document.